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The Finest Moment

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It was just like any other day with the sun shining brightly on my office window. Yes, it was normal till I got that mail with subject “Congratulations, You have been selected”. The day became instantly special as it was for IBM’s prestigious Corporate Services Corps (www.ibm.com/corporateservicecorps). The excitation can’t be expressed in words! Apart from the feeling of getting selected, the suspense of which country I’ll be deployed to and who else will be in my team adds a whole new dimension to the excitement !

It was 3 months before I got to know the country and the team. I remember sending a mail to my family – “Kenya, Here I come!”! From then on, it was getting better and better each day. Knowing my team mates, their specialties, the proud feeling of being part of such a wonderful team, the weekly calls etc etc.

I can’t stress enough how much my family cherished the moment and enjoyed it with me throughout. They were/are part of it each day while discussing about Kenya and learning Swahili with me! My little one offered to donate some money to the orphanage kids from her piggy bank – she is not even 6 yet !! I’m very proud of her ! :)

Thanks to the technology, 12 people from 12 countries coming together each week as if we were sitting across in a round table was made unbelievably easy (Wishing each other was a challenge when one’s day was just starting while others would be finishing!!) It makes me think that we are taking certain things for granted sometimes.. think of the time when the only mode of communication was posting letters – not mentioning the time when people used birds to send messages!! The telecons combined with Facebook brought us even closer and we all became good friends ‘virtually’ ! The eagerness in meeting each other keeps increasing with each day passing. We discussed on the work all the way to the stuff we can offer kids @ the kids’ home.

All shots done & all bags out.. The count down is literally in minutes now with my flight taking off in few hours.. I’m so eagerly looking forward to the experience. Ofcourse, taking “Hajumbo”, “Asante” (How are you, Thanks – in Swahili) etc. to the field from practicing in shower gives me the shivers but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be!

I’ll continue sharing my experience here as I go along but do wish me luck ! :)

Asante Sana !

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